You are looking for your next wrinkle relaxer or dermal filler treatment?

As your dento-facial expert Jindalee Family Dental offers everything around your smile and beyond.

Hence, we offer injectable wrinkle relaxer and dermal filler as an in-house service.

A big part of a dentists training and daily work includes facial muscles and the enhancement of people's beauty - take advantage of our knowledge, experience and training as a dental professional. Dr. Mick's passion for beauty and health with his special skillset as an AADFA certified cosmetic practitioner combine those treatment options and allow us to offer so much more than just a pretty smile.

We offer comprehensive treatments focused on skin health and your new, fresher look. We focus on your natural and healthy appearance. Our treatment options include, but are not limited to:

  • treatment with anti-wrinkle injections for your face area
  • injections for your lovely lips as definition or enhancement, cheeks, chin, tear troughs etc.

As an alternative to artificial materials for dermal filler, we can even offer to produce filler from your own plasma for certain procedures. For this option stem cells and growth factors and PRP will be extracted from your plasma. We are very proud to have different choices for our patients and we are happy to explain the procedures in detail during our free assessments.

Let us help you with a fresher look to feel healthier and more confident about yourself.

Costs are calculated depending on the type and amount of product used. Individual quotes are only possible and will be given after your free assessment. For an estimate please call us or just book in for your free consult.